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15:50 Sunday, September 15 - Harare, Zimbabwe
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$1.0 =R0.000 is an online database for new and pre-owned cars for sale in Zimbabwe. We have a broad database of some of the premium car dealers in Zimbabwe. Also available are quality second hand and new cars for your choice. You can also get assistance from our dealers and support staff in buying the best car that meets your needs and also that is within your budget. You can buy and sell any of your cars fast and easy. We have available hundreds of cars in the form of trucks, sedans, SUVs, single cabs, double cabs, vans, minibuses and buses, traded daily on our website. We also have in stock the most sought after Japanese vehicles and those from various markets in the region and in the international markets. You can choose your dream car in Zimbabwe from your office or home, just by browsing through our website freely. We provide premium service, a secure environment and reliable information regarding the market for new and pre-owned cars. allows you to deal with as many dealers by browsing through our database and making your choice easy and fast. Because we have reputable dealers, you can buy your dream car without fear of losing your hard-earned money to tricksters. We are the ultimate secure platform for the trade in pre-owned and new cars in Zimbabwe.

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2003 Toyota
Landcruiser Prado
Used Toyota Landcruiser Prado in Harare
$21,000 | details
2012 Jeep
Used Jeep Wrangler in Harare
$47,000 | details
2007 Mercedes-Benz
Used Mercedes-Benz S600 in Harare
$60,000 | details
2005 BMW
Used BMW X5 in Harare
$23,000 | details
1999 Mercedes-Benz
c class
Used Mercedes-Benz c class in Harare
$8,500 | details
2000 Honda
Used Honda Stream in Harare
$6,500 | details
2000 Ford
Used Ford Ranger in Harare
$12,500 | details
2001 Mercedes-Benz
c class
Used Mercedes-Benz c class in Harare
$9,000 | details
2004 Nissan
Bluebird Sylphy
Used Nissan Bluebird Sylphy in Harare
$5,500 | details